Electrical switchboards

Electrical switchboards

Semo Ltd. offers the opportunity to order the manufacture of electrical panels.

A team of young engineers, working in a modern production base, takes care of the fast and high-quality execution of the boards. Our engineers do not just make the boards, but make sure that the scheme is correct. In this way, when we find an incorrect scheme, we assist the customer so that it can be corrected and we can issue a reliably working product.

If necessary, our team can make the diagrams on your board. Our team has experienced specialists so that we can make all the schemes, regardless of the application - a distribution board or manages complex automated processes.

Main switchboards

Application: Main switchboard is a power electrical panel installed at the beginning of a power supply to a building or production cycle. Usually, these boards are equipped with high current values equipement. In most cases, the connections in these boards are made with a busbar system.

Automation capacitors switchgears

Application: Capacitors switchgear is an electrical board designed to compensate for reactive energy. By using it, consumers improve the power factor and reduce their electricity costs by not paying penalties.

Automation boards

Application: Automation boards are widespread in the industry, and they are used in the management of all processes. These switchboards usually contain controllers, frequency drives, network analyzers, relays and any other electrical control equipment. ​

Energy analysis boards

Application: Boards with single-channel and multi-channel network analyzers (electricity meters), allowing reading and analysis of the used electricity. The boards are suitable for remote reading of consumption or creating load schedules in enterprises.


Application: Power electrical switchboard used in all power transmission systems. These boards are used as an end or intermediate distribution point in the power transmission system.

Apartment and plastic switchboards

Application: These boards are designed mainly for apartments, offices and others. Usually, these boards have access only to the thumbs, which allows its use by unqualified personnel. The boards are intended for use with modular equipment.

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