Semo Ltd has extensive experience in the implementation of various sizes and complexity of projects in the field of automation. Our young and ambitious team of specialists is ready to realize any challenge. We always strive to offer the customer the best solution, according to the requirements. We can offer automation of entire new systems or modernization and automation of existing industrial systems or machines.

As a representative of the world's leading brands in the field, we have great flexibility in choosing the right solution. At the same time, our engineers can write your PLC or SCADA software.

We have established long-term cooperation with proven global brands in the field of automation, which allows us to offer a quality solution at a competitive price. The brands we offer are of proven quality worldwide.

An Israeli company that is a world leader in the production of programmable logic controllers (PLCs). Over the years, Unitronics has proven the quality of its equipment and developed a wide range of devices to offer a flexibility to the customers. Unitronics offer a free use of the software development environment for their controllers. If necessary, Semo Ltd will assist in selecting a suitable controller and programming it.

Israeli company specializing in the production of network analyzers and electricity meters. The company's products are of very high quality, which has raised them to a world leader in the field. The products offered by Satec are used for analysis and optimization of energy costs. If necessary, Semo Ltd will assist in the correct selection of a device and its setup.

Swedish company that offers frequency drives and soft starters with high quality, established on the world market. The company is among the first in the world to offer frequency control and has proven the quality of its products. Over the years, the brand has expanded its portfolio in various series to be able to offer great flexibility to its customers. The devices are designed extremely intuitively, and if necessary we can assist with the correct selection of a device and its setup.

An Israeli company that offers soft starters for low and medium voltage. The company specializes in the development of soft starters, and over the years has become a world leader in the field, thanks to the high quality of the devices offered.

Swedish company manufacturing radio control systems. The company is a world leader in its field and among the most preferred providers of radio control for the industry worldwide. The company's products are produce of high quality material, which allows their use in severe conditions.

Chinese company offering automation solutions. The company was founded in 2005 and has successfully established itself on the market, offering high quality at a competitive price. The company specializes in the production of frequency drives, servo controls and others.

We can offer consultation and full implementation of your project. For more information or consultation, please contact our trade department or engineer department.


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